Participating Schools

Cristo Rey Jesuit High School

New Era Academy



DK aka Wayne Watts

The 5th L

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"Better My World" is a digital campaign to reduce violence and promote education in Baltimore City. Hip-hop artists and students share their personal and universal hopes to make their futures brighter and their neighborhoods safer. 

"Better My World” offers FREE DOWNLOADS so everyone can show their support for a better Baltimore by sharing these important messages with their friends and families.


About the Music Videos

Baltimore STV
(Stop the Violence)

Written and performed by DK aka Wayne Watts. Students participating in this video attend the Cristo Rey Jesuit High School.
Using the medium of hip-hop, DK explores the violence of the city and encourages youth to make a life for themselves through education.

Violence, Is It Worth it?

Written and performed by The 5th L in cooperation with the Violence Prevention Program (VPP) of the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center. This video focuses on the false glamour of violence, and its devasting consequences.  Participating students attend the New Era Academy and are active in the Violence Intervention Program.